Justin Sorsabal of Dignified Home Loans and Megan Bohannan of Bohannan Homes discuss first time home buyers in Palmdale and Lancaster California.

“First time home buyers, is there any myths to the fact that they have to go with FHA their first time?

No, actually. I’ve been getting that question a lot lately with buyers coming in thinking that they do have to do FHA because they are first time home buyers. At Dignified Home Loans, we have a lot of different products that will cater to a first time home buyer and they’re not all FHA so we can go conventional, we can do a FHA. It just really depends on the person and what their needs and wants are.

So, what if you did conventional, is it 20% or where would they have to come in at as a first time home buyer?

No, as a first time home buyer you can actually do as little as 3% down on the conventional.

That’s so awesome!

And then I can help fight for those closing costs.



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