Mortgage Application Process

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Justin Sorsabal of Dignified Home Loans and Megan Bohannan of Bohannan Homes (RE/MAX All Pro)

Buyers come to me super excited to go house hunting. I send them your way to get qualified. What is your process and what is the qualification turnaround time for that?

Normally, the turnaround time is a few hours. As far as the process is concerned, what we normally do is we get in touch with potential buyer and we’ll ask them a series of questions to fill out an application and after that has been done, we’ll go ahead and run credit, check income, check assets, and as long as everything matches up, then we can go ahead and get you a prequalification letter and you guys are off to the races.

Do they have to come to your office to get prequalified or do they do all this online? Is it easy? Painless?

Well, it depends on the buyer themselves we ask if they do want to set an appointment. Or if they would rather do it over the phone. We also have an online application that most people can go online, complete it at their leisure, and then get it to me whenever they are done.

That’s awesome! Cool!


Making it painless and easy for everybody!

We try!

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