Qualifying at a Higher Rate

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Justin Sorsabal of Dignified Home Loans and Megan Bohannan of Bohannan Homes (RE/MAX All Pro)

“Hi, I’m Megan Bohannan with Bohannan Homes. I’m here with Justin Sorsabal with Dignified Home Loans, your trusted lender.

Hey, Justin!

How are you? Thanks for having me!

Oh, I’m good. I just wanted to get together with you, ask some questions.

First time home buyers, with interest rates going up, is it affecting qualifications and where people can purchase it?

It is and one of the things that we try to do here at Dignified Home Loans is qualify our buyers at a potentially higher rate knowing that the market might be higher at the time they do find a property and get into escrow. So, one of the things that we do try to do is over qualify them so that once they do find a property, that if rates have moved at that time, then we know that we’re good to go. It gives a little insurance to both the buyer and the seller.

So you’re always protecting your buyers?


I love it! That’s why I love working with you.”

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